Monday, February 25, 2013

Project kick off next week!

MC2020 has been prepared collaboratively online. The coordinating team had to intensify work as the kick off of the project approaches, and had therefore the first meeting using video conferencing last week. The platform was Google Hangout. The meeting between the five participants was mostly successful, however close to the end of the meeting one participant lost contact with the session and could not return. We will try again.

The actual project workshop will be in Tampere April 16-27, but the students and lecturers will prepare it working in five online teams in six weeks before, starting 5th March.

There will be five students from Liepaja University (Latvia) and University of Vic (Spain), ten students from Utrecht School of arts (Netherlands), University of Lincoln (UK) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

Coordinating team members at the first video conference:

Anna Trapenciere, Liepaja University

James Field, University of Lincoln

Lenno Verhoog, Utrecht School of Arts

Rosa Pons, University of Vic
Cai Melakoski, Tampere University of Applied Sciences