Tampere Workshop

Workshop venue 
TAMK Finlayson Campus
ADA, 5th floor
Map/Walking guide to campus
ArtMedia blog
Hotels and meals 
Student hotel Omena II Hämeenkatu 7
Breakfast, students, Café Siilinkari, Hämeenkatu 9
Professors Hotel Victoria
Dinner, all participants Telakka (Sorry, website only in Finnish. Check map for location.
Exception: Dinner Monday April 15 7 PM ravintola Myllärit
Google map with all MC2020 locations (last update April 27)

Weather in Tampere 

Work Programme  (last update April 26)
The first MC2020 workshop in Tampere April 15 - 28 2013.

Day 0
March 5 - April 12
Six weeks before the workshop introduction of participants, team building and teamwork starts using online social media tools. At least one student from every partner institute is in each of the five teams. Each team has one lecturer as main coach.

Monday April 15
Arrivals in Tampere
Dinner 7 PM restaurant Myllärit (Participants will be escorted to the restaurant from Omena 6:45 PM)
All events at ADA, TAMK Finlayson campus (Zeeland) 5th floor unless something else specified

Tue April 16
Subject related day 1
9:00 Ada registration
Welcome by Cai Melakoski
Logo voting
Introducing the 5 (or six) cultural dimensions of Hofstede by Rosa Pons
12:00 Break
13:00 The European Media Culture Scene as a theme of the project – Cai
14:00 The pre-workshop teams meet to finalise their presentations
17:00 Dinner, Telakka
18:30 Get together + Finnish evening (Zeeland café, 2nd floor)
Introducing the participants - everyone has six words - prepare
20 TAMK students introduce Tampere by night (Start@Plevna)

Wed April 17
Subject related day 2
9:00 Concept design workshop 1 - Kirsi Karimäki
12 Break
13:00 The pre-workshop teams present their work, max 6 mins per assignment
14:15 Interactive movies: Dr, Docent Christopher Hales (UK)
Teams work
18:00 Dinner, Telakka
19:30 Country evening hosted by partner LiepU!

Thu April 18
Subject related day 3,
9:00 Class by Lenno Verhoog (HKU)  Hyperreality 
10:30 The new student teams in workshop: first session
12:00 Break
13:00 What is hot in our learning environment? (The five partner institutes introduce themselves in 20 minutes each)
15:00 Teams again
18:00 Dinner, Telakka

22:00 Onwards: Loppumetri Student Party at Tivoli. Finnish Pop band Disco Ensemble

Fri April 19
Subject related day 4
9:00 Research
10:30 Hands on workshop (Optional): How to squeeze everything  out of Google drive + how to use Blogger (Cai Melakoski) Venue: Saturnus, 4th floor
12:00 Break
13:00 Class by Andris Introduction in VJing
13:45 Class by James Field: Converging Media
14:30 Student teams work
15:00 (optional: teams decide to participate or not): Show by Interactive Film Workshop, café, Spede
16:30 Dinner at Telakka
18:00 Vernissage of the Degree Show Himona of TAMK Fine Art students. Art centre Mältinranta, see map.

Sat April 20
Excursion & free time
11:30 Departure for Kaupinojan sauna, front of Omena Hotel II
15:00 Departure for Pyynikki Observation Tower, the fountain at Keskustori (Central Square.)
18:00 Dinner at Telakka

Sun April 21
Free time
No Dinner
19:30 British evening (with food) at TAMK Finlayson Campus, Spede. (Where the Latvian night was.)

Mon April 22
Subject related day 5
9:00 Concept design workshop 2 - Kirsi Karimäki
12 Break
13:00 Student teams work
14:00 Future technologies and applications: The best of the global Nokia Ubiquitous MindTrek Award.
Interactive presentation by Head of Numa Jury Bjoern Stockleben (DE)
Teams work
18 Dinner at Telakka
19:30 Country evening, Spede, hosted by partner HKU !

Tue April 23
Subject related day 6
9:00 Student teams work
11:10 Departure for field trip to TV2 studios (Future Mediapolis)
14:00 Student teams work
15:00 Visit to Himmelblau
18 Dinner at Telakka
19:30 Spanish night, Spede

Wed April 24
Subject related day 7
9:00 Student teams work
Optional 9-12: MOME Anim - (probably best animation in Europe)
Venue: Donner, 2nd floor
12:00 Break
13:00 Student teams work - open end
18 Dinner at Telakka

Thu April 25
Subject related day 8
9:00 Alejandra Aramayo gives a lecture + conclusions of Hofstede applications on the management and marketing of a possible entrepreneurship project that can result of Media Culture 2020 1st year.

9:20 Èric Estany Canal and Salvador Gómez: What is a business plan
9:30 Presentation of Anna Trapenciere's artistic practice with context of media art and the internet of things

Student teams work
12:00 Break
12:30 For registered 18 participants only: Visit to Rovio (@Finlayson)
13:00 Teams work
16:30 - 18:00 Demola
18:15 Dinner
19:30 Pormestarisauna (Mayer's Sauna) - the Grand MC2020 Party

Fri April 26
Subject related day 9
9:00 Student teams work
11:00 Last sessions of the pre-workshop teams
12:00 Break
13:00 Plenary meeting
13:20 Student teams work
16:00 - 18:00 Guided tour of TAMK Fine Arts Degree Show Himona exhibitions.
18:00 Intac exhibition opening
19:00 Dinner

Sat April 27
Subject related day 10
9:00 Preparing shows
10:00 Presentation of the projects
12:00 Break
13:00 Plenum
Last notes by the lecturers
18:00 Telakka Dinner + farewell

Sun April 28 and Mon April 29

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