MC2020 stories and papers

About MC2020 Liepaja:
(By November 25 - more coming...)

Academic paper presentations:

  • Thayne, M & Cooper, G (2014), 'Digital learning environments and collaborative pedagogy: Media Culture 2020', conference paper delivered at CHI Sparks 2014, The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Thayne, M & Cooper G (2014), 'Media Culture 2020 - An Educational Case Study: Teaching and Learning in a Collaborative Digital Environment', conference paper delivered at Electronic Communication, Cultures and Identities (ECCI), Le Havre University

Blogs, articles
  • MC2020 introduced as a case in the workshop On-line Collaborative Learning at FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Graz, Austria) November 28 2013
  • All seven MC2020 projects presented at iWeek event November 6 2013
  • MC2020 introduced as a case in the lecture "Collaborative Learning" at TAMK staff info November 20 2013 (In Finnish)
  • MC2020 Debrief / Report presentation to final year Digital Media Students at University of Lincoln November 13 2013
  • MC2020 Impact and future planning discussions with LSM staff at University of Lincoln November 20 2013

About MC2020 Tampere:
Blogs /web sites / articles

MC2020 at conferences and events
Academic MindTrek Conference, Tampere 1-3 October 2013:
Field, James and Melakoski, Cai and Vickers, Richard (2013) Social media and new ecologies for learning: media culture 2020. In: MindTrek Academic Conference 2013: Making Sense of Converging Media, 1-3 October 2013, Tampere, Finland.

UNIVEST International Conference 2013:
Pons-Cerdà, Rosa, Massana Molera, Eulàlia, Aramayo García, Alejandra (2013). “Estudiants col·laborant en xarxa: Media Culture 2020, projecte interuniversitari europeu” (Students collaboratively networking: Media Culture 2020, a european interuniversitary project). UNIVEST 2013. 4th and 5th of July 2013.

MC2020 also introduced at:
- EADiM Academic Network Conference, Graz 22-23 November 2012
- TAMK Art and Media International Week, Tampere 23-27 April 2013

Videos by MC2020 students:
The famous MC2020 video by Utrecht School of Arts students/Oavsett
KUPLA ADVERT. A 20 seconds video made by team 5 to promote their concept.
VIRTUWALL. A 1 minute video made by team 3 about their concept VirtuWall.
DON’T SEND ME ON HOLYDAY. A 30 seconds film made by team 4 to promote their concept.
APP DEMO. A 30 seconds film made by team 2 to promote their concept.
CULTURE INTERVIEWS. A 14 minutes video made by UVIc students about Hofstede.
DREAMING IN TAMPERE. A 1 minute video made by UVIc students about the city.

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