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Media Culture 2020 is an Erasmus IP (Intensive Programme) partly funded by EUAn Intensive Programme (IP) is a short programme of study which brings together students and teaching staff from higher education institutions of at least three participating countries. It can last from 10 continuous full days to 6 weeks of subject related work.

EU ERASMUS project number 2012-1-FI1-ERA10-09673

Subject area codes:
210 - Arts (broad programmes)
213 - Audio-visual techniques and media production
340 - Business and administration (broad programmes)

There will be two two week workshops with 40 students and 10 professors involved.
The first workshop will be in Tampere, Finland April 15-27 2013.
The second workshop will be in Liepaja, Latvia October 26 - November 8 2013.

The object of the Media Culture 2020 project is to demonstrate what 21th century converged and interactive European Media Culture could be in comparison to the broadcasting based one-way 20th century European Media Culture represents by likes of Eurovision Song Contest, Euronews and Eurosport.

Youth has grown up with the Internet  for 30 years, but there is a huge shortage of European cultural presence and identity on the present global art and media scene viewed with the help of smart phones, interactive wireless pads and huge public interactive screens. We want to show that Europe can be an important player on that scene.

The second main object of this project is also to break classroom and campus walls by creating open virtual learning environments where students from different countries and fields can explore and learn together. This project is also about developing flexible curricula that can quickly respond to a rapidly changing world. The ability of lifelong learning and working in multidisciplinary teams are the keys to professionalism we enhance in this project.

The target groups are third and fourth year BA students of fine arts, interactive media, film and television and business.

The main activities are team building, project planning and research online in six weeks before the actual workshop, the two week workshop in Tampere and post-production of the media contents online afterwards.

The learning outcomes include skills in art and media production for 21st century platforms, market research and business planning, pitching, working in international multidisciplinary teams using social media services and applications.

Project outcomes will be the wiki - used for knowledge building - and the blog (Web Site) for showing the new ideas and contents created by the project workshops.

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