Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 4: Thinking hats, Concept development and wife carrying contest

Andris Vētra started the first workshop of the day with his presentation "Parallel thinking with Six thinking hats by Edward de Bono".
After the presentation the teams analysed their project using the Six thinking hats method and the session ended up in a discussion over the method in plenary.
See presentation here

Andris Vētra

Martyn Thayne introduced his workshop with the presentation "Concept Development - The Importance of 'R & D' to Technical Innovation and Design". After the presentation the teams created ideas about using open data in services or products they invented.
See presentation here

Martyn Thyme
From Martyn's slides
From workshops:

The afternoon the teams continued their work with producing demos of the concepts that were introduced in our post published earlier.

Finnish evening
After dinner the second Cultural Evening was arranged and hosted by the TAMK team. The Finnish team has actually only two Finns, the other students come from South Korea (2), Malaysia, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands.
The Finnish evening featured a very informative Finnish quiz, a crash course in Finnish pronunciation and a competition in two parts; Finnish Karaoke and a version of the Finnish national sport - Wife carrying. Finally Finnish food and networking.

Suomi - Finland

Finnish Karaoke - English style

Finnish Karaoke - Catalan interpretation
Salmon with rye bread, salmiakki, berries...

Wife carrying contest styles:
The hosts first presented the official style

The Latvian way

The Dutch way

Catalan creativity

The English won the award

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 3: Cultural Diversity, Europe, Internet of things, Latvia

One key task of MC2020 is to recognise present and potential European Media Culture and contents. The workshop "Cultural Diversity and Media Contents" led by Rosa Pons (University of Vic) dealt with these issues. In her presentation interrupted and followed by intense discussions she talked about transnational, cultural and media opportunities with special focus on contents: what is the value of content in an increasingly global media age? The workshop analysed different stereotypes and how to cope with them in teams
See the presentation.

Rosa Pons

The second workshop was about the "Internet of Things" Anna Trapenciere's  (Liepaja University) presentation was titled "Smart things, smart homes, smart cities. Smart people?"
The presentation was followed by team work, each team tried to figure out how Anna's presentation affects their way of approaching their concept.

Anna Trapenciere
From the workshops:


Notes of things (maybe) common to

And in the evening the series of cultural evenings started, first in turn was Latvia.

Last couple split - an outdoor game

This is Latvia - presentation

Latvian cuisine - delicious!

Latvian heritage

Tampere team works hard with Latvian riddles

...and the winners of the Latvian riddles competition are:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 2: on-line projects shown, work started

Yesterday the second edition of the IP was finally started! After practical opening words by the local coordinator Anna Trapenciere and MC2020 project manager Cai Melakoski all participants introduced themselves.
We saw the presentations of the pre-workshop on-line work of the six teams, and then teams started working.

The student teams had made very good work - or judge yourself - the presentations are linked below team photos.

The Circle - everybody introducing themselves

Concept 1B: Haptic Life - Play Games Online by Interacting in the Real World

Concept 1A: Happ - Retrieval of Data stored within a Product

Concept 2. Connecting Cultures

Concept 3. VIRTUWALL
Presentation coming soon

Concept 4 (KUPLA-get to know what you see)


Sunday, October 27, 2013

MC2020 came to Liepaja yesterday and is on!

Yesterday the four university teams of Media Culture 2020 travelled to Riga and then by bus to Liepaja to join their hosts of Liepaja University MPLab.

Tampere UAS team at the gate at Helsinki airport
The HKU (Utrecht School of Arts) team somewhere on the way to
Riga. Photo: Luc Jansen on Facebook
Team Lincoln University has landed in Riga.
Andrew West on Twitter (#mc2020)
Also the Vic team landed safe.
Ares Juclà on Facebook
All for teams shared a bus on the jolly ride to Liepaja
The first dinner together
Prieka! Cheers! Proost! Kippis! ¡Salud!
Report about the first workshop day here soon.
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Friday, October 25, 2013

The fifth and last pre-workshop session: all questions answered

The last on-line session before the actual MC2020 workshop in Liepaja was hosted by the Latvian hosts on Thursday, two days before the teams from Hilversum, Lincoln, Tampere and Vic meet at Riga airport to take a joint bus to Liepaja.
Project manager Anna Trapenciere (left) and project coordinator
Livija Daudze (centre) told about arrangements and answered the questions
The staff and students of Liepaja University Art Research lab have prepared two useful documents for the guests; one with practical information about hotels and the arrangements, another with all possible information about Liepaja the visitors might wish to have.

On the Facebook coffee room of the project host students have also given answers to many questions.

Participants from eleven countries
MC2020 is a project by five universities in five countries (Finland, Latvia, The Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom. More countries and nationalities are however represented, because the teams from Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) and Tampere UAS (TAMK) are very international. The members of HKU team come in addition to Netherlands from China, Latvia and Spain and members of TAMK team from Finland, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and South Korea.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fourth pre-workshop session: Design Processes and Methods

The fourth pre-workshop started with  lecture by Lenno Veerhoog on de-constructing, dissecting and reconstructing ideas in order to transform them into brilliant concepts in which all elements - and even the universe - connect.
The lecture’s content was based on one of  the Concept-models which is developed at HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts) and addressed a number of possible stages and interconnected relations in concept-development.
First set of presentation slides here
Concept format HKU

Lenno Veerhoog

From the presentation
From HKU

From Lincoln

From UVic
Also Liepaja and Tampere participated, sorry, no Hangout snapshots

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The MC2020 team from Vic introduce themselves

The MC2020 student team from Vic University in Barcelona present themselves with the video you can find below.
 The first team to introduce themselves were the Utrecht School of Arts students. You can find the Dutch team presentation here:

They are lost, sure. But this is a screenshot. Please find the video below

Lost Uvic.MC2020 from alba9 on Vimeo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Third pre-workshop presentation today - interrogating media in 21st century

The third MC2020 on-line pre-workshop presentation took place today hosted by Lincoln University. Martyn Thayne's lecture was titled "Interrogating Media in the 21st Century: Responding to an Emerging Digital Ecology."

The session was followed in Hilversum, Liepaja, Vic and Tampere by a big crowd.

We are learning new things about Google hangout in every session. Now we know how you can share slides in full screen. The Latvian delegation found also the mask department.

Please find the presentation here
In Lincoln...

Vic University

Utrecht School of Arts

Some of TAMK participants

Liepaja participants test Hangout effects - hats and beards