Pre-workshop activities

Pre-Workshop Activities, Liepaja workshop
Due to summer holidays of some partner universities the pre-workshop activities of the workshop in Liepaja lasted four weeks (six weeks for Tampere workshop); the first four weeks of October.
The coordination team of the project had one preparatory meeting (Google Hangout) in June, three in September and two in October.
The pre-workshop activities were a team project and five on-line sessions, each of the partners hosted one.

For the team project the students worked in five mixed groups using Google Hangout and Docs and other collaborative tools to prepare the concepts created in Tampere workshop for further processing in Liepaja. The results were presented during the first work day in Liepaja after the teams gave their presentations the final touch in their first face-to-face meeting.

Please find the presentations of the on-line teams here.

The presentations of the five pre-workshop seminars/events


Pre-Workshop Activities, Tampere workshop
Six weeks before (March 5 - April 12) the actual workshop (April 15-28) the MC2020 students  prepared the workshop.

The photos are from pre-workshop on-line meetings or lectures.

There were activities on three layers:

1. The MC2020 teams of each participating university had activities of their own.

2. There were five student teams with members from each university. These teams worked on-line and had three assignments, They:
a) Designed a proposal of MC2020 project logo and visual look and feel
b) Make proposals to improve the draft work programme of the actual workshop
c) Chose 2 or 3 topics to discuss and to present a summary of  for the actual workshop
Topics of the documents:
Team 1:
The role of art in new media and the visualization of modern technology in science fiction.
Read summary

Team 2:
“How a European cultural TV channel should be on values, contents and objectives. How to share and spread literatures on TV as an intertextual practice.”
Read summary

Team 3:
1. How could the mobile device aid in establishing European Media Culture presence and identity?
2. What is European Media Culture 2013?
Read summary

Team 4:
1. What is European Interactive Media Culture 2013?
2. Pros and cons of collaborative learning
Read report

Team 5:
1. What is media | culture | 2020?
2. Copyright
Read report

3. The students participated in short on-line courses and demonstrations given by MC2020 professors on-line before the workshop.

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