Sunday, October 6, 2013

Media Culture 2020 SG has started

The first European Media Culture 2020 (MC2020) was brilliant, and the organising partners got funds from EU Erasmus Programme to continue the project.

October 26th - November 8th fifty students and ten professors will meet in Liepaja, Latvia to create demonstrations of what they think could represent European media culture in the upcoming twenties. On this blog you can see five concepts created in the first workshop in Tampere in April.
The students of the second MC2020 workshop will develop further those concepts to scripts and demos.
The project coordination team has had weekly meetings on line since
early September

The workshop has already started on-line with students organising themselves in five teams and introducing themselves to other students coming from Liepaja University (Latvia), University of Vic (Spain), Utrecht School of arts (the Netherlands), University of Lincoln (UK) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland).
Screenshot from the first video of MC2020 - Second Generation.
While waiting for more new videos please view the videos by the
first workshop students you can find on this blog.

The on-line teams with members from all five partner universities will start writing the scripts over three weeks before the workshop using joint wiki documents, chats and Google hangouts for communication. The project also has a coffee room on Facebook.

Each partner will also host a video conference featuring a lecture. University of Vic will start tomorrow (October 7) with the topic "International Communication in Action". One of the key objectives of MC2020 is that students learn working methods of the 21th century working life. That is one of the reasons why the work starts in virtual work spaces.

The Dutch team has already prepared a hilarious video to introduce themselves. You can view it below, please please enjoy!

Energeia - group presentation for the Media Culture 2020 project from Energeia on Vimeo.

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