Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 4: Thinking hats, Concept development and wife carrying contest

Andris Vētra started the first workshop of the day with his presentation "Parallel thinking with Six thinking hats by Edward de Bono".
After the presentation the teams analysed their project using the Six thinking hats method and the session ended up in a discussion over the method in plenary.
See presentation here

Andris Vētra

Martyn Thayne introduced his workshop with the presentation "Concept Development - The Importance of 'R & D' to Technical Innovation and Design". After the presentation the teams created ideas about using open data in services or products they invented.
See presentation here

Martyn Thyme
From Martyn's slides
From workshops:

The afternoon the teams continued their work with producing demos of the concepts that were introduced in our post published earlier.

Finnish evening
After dinner the second Cultural Evening was arranged and hosted by the TAMK team. The Finnish team has actually only two Finns, the other students come from South Korea (2), Malaysia, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands.
The Finnish evening featured a very informative Finnish quiz, a crash course in Finnish pronunciation and a competition in two parts; Finnish Karaoke and a version of the Finnish national sport - Wife carrying. Finally Finnish food and networking.

Suomi - Finland

Finnish Karaoke - English style

Finnish Karaoke - Catalan interpretation
Salmon with rye bread, salmiakki, berries...

Wife carrying contest styles:
The hosts first presented the official style

The Latvian way

The Dutch way

Catalan creativity

The English won the award

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