Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 3: Cultural Diversity, Europe, Internet of things, Latvia

One key task of MC2020 is to recognise present and potential European Media Culture and contents. The workshop "Cultural Diversity and Media Contents" led by Rosa Pons (University of Vic) dealt with these issues. In her presentation interrupted and followed by intense discussions she talked about transnational, cultural and media opportunities with special focus on contents: what is the value of content in an increasingly global media age? The workshop analysed different stereotypes and how to cope with them in teams
See the presentation.

Rosa Pons

The second workshop was about the "Internet of Things" Anna Trapenciere's  (Liepaja University) presentation was titled "Smart things, smart homes, smart cities. Smart people?"
The presentation was followed by team work, each team tried to figure out how Anna's presentation affects their way of approaching their concept.

Anna Trapenciere
From the workshops:


Notes of things (maybe) common to

And in the evening the series of cultural evenings started, first in turn was Latvia.

Last couple split - an outdoor game

This is Latvia - presentation

Latvian cuisine - delicious!

Latvian heritage

Tampere team works hard with Latvian riddles

...and the winners of the Latvian riddles competition are:

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