Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 5: Making of demos, electrobikes and English murder mystery

Day 5, the 4th working day started with a workshop by Lenno Verhoog. His presentation was about preparing the demos.
Possibilities of visualising mock-up and prototype/demo presentations and how to fake interactivity was covered in the presentation.
Presentation(s) by Lenno Veerhoog:
How to prepare demos
Concept format explained

Lenno Verhoog

Work Work Work Learning Learning Learning
The teams continued the work with their project until late afternoon until the field trip.

Innovation: The Electrobike
The field trip destination was a square in the city center, where director Artis Daugins introduced the very innovative electrobikes of his company Blueshock Bike. The MC2020 students tested an electrobike and found it fast and convenient. This product will really attract more people to choose the bicycle as their first choice means of transportation.

Artis Daugins (right). Thanks a lot! We wish you all the best!

The awesomeness of driving the bike! (Robin Bosman)

The English Night
The third Cultural evening introduced England. We got familiar with different dialects and had a thrilling competition about understanding and pronouncing phrases from different English counties.
We had tea with famous English persons: Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Lewis Hamilton, Harry Potter, Amy Whitehouse, James Bond, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Guy Fawkes, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana.
The peaceful event was interrupted by a shock: someone had murdered the Queen. The rest of the evening was spent interviewing the celebrities. It was obvious one of them was the murderer.
The different parts of UK were explained, also the parts of England introduced
Bend over backwaeds - what does that mean?
The Bristish icons were introduced
The English team brought the tea cups with them!
The assignment after the dead body of the Queen was found.
The Lincoln students did admirable work preparing for their roles!

Interviewing Harry Potter. At the end he was found guilty.

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