Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 13: Last assignments, feedback, social capital

The tenth and last subject related day started with six assignments: the teams fine tuned their projects for presentation on the blog, assessed the European dimension and funding opportunities of their projects, evaluated the learning outcomes of MC2020, and made an assessment of the feedback they got presenting the projects at iWeek.

The last plenary
The team work was followed by the last plenary, where students first presented their thoughts about their project and reactions to it. René Lansink, the moderator of the session, then gave his feedback to each team, both about the presentation of the project and the project itself. Each project was then discussed by the students and the lecturers.

René Lansink with Graham Cooper

The feedback by René Lansink will be published with the presentations of each project result on this blog over the days to come.

In the second feedback discussion students gave their assessment of the content and arrangements of MC2020. The feedback was very positive, but many improvements were also suggested for the next intensive programme. A summary of student feedback will follow on this blog.

About Networks and Social Capital
In the final presentation of MC2020 Cai Melakoski illustrated the networking activities which led to the EU project proposal to EU to fund Media Culture 2020 project. He talked also about networking as means to build Social Capital, and gave also some practical advice to students building their networks.
Presentation slides
The last slide of the presentation

The certificates
Finally the certificates were handed out by lecturers and everybody went out to prepare for the last evening and the trip back home.

Rosa Pons and the Vic University team

René Lansik with the Utrecht School of Arts team

Anna Trapenciere with Liapaja University MPlab team

Graham Cooper and University of Lincoln students
Team TAMK Media with Cai Melakoski. Photo: Rosa Pons

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