Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 12: Moomins, work, presentation rehearsals, THE MC2020 SHOW

The ninth work day began with a short presentation of European minority culture: November 6th is the Finnish Swedish Heritage Day, and Cai Melakoski - Swedish speaking Finn himself - introduced shortly the culture and postition of this minority in Finland.
Also some well known Swedish speaking Finns were mentioned, while Tove Jansson and her creation - the Moomins - were intoduced with some details. After the presentation all participants got a post card with a photo of Tove Jansson's original drawings.
Presentation slides

Snusmumriken (Snufkin), the forest kids and Cai Melakoski,
Photo: Emilia Kwiatkowska

Day: Fine tuning projects
The rest of the day went fine tuning the projects and preparing the presentation.

Evening: The stars of iWeek TALK&SHOW - the MC2020 teams

All the seven MC2020 project teams - EQ, KUPLA, Particle, HAPP, Haptic Art, GOA, LifeSense - presented with glance their projects, and a doscussion with iWeek participants followed every presentations. Rosa Pons moderated the event in a welcoming and professional manner.
(Team photos below: Graham Cooper)

The project presentations will soon be posted on this blog!




Haptic Art (Photo: Ares Juclá)



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