Monday, November 4, 2013

Days 8 and 9: Weekend! In prison and ruins

After working hard six days MC2020 had two well deserved days off. On Saturday there was no other arranged activity than dinner, some went to Riga, some explored Liepaja, some went to the beach.

On Sunday we went to Karosta, a closed city and naval base from late 19th century until late 1990s.

We visited the military prison museum, saw some attractions of the city and finally the fortress built by the Russian Tsar Alexander III.

During the visit to Karosta military prison we were treated like prisoners.
Quite many of as found that rather amusing in the beginning.
Rather soon the realistic drama got us serious. No giggling any more.
The walking area behind the barbed wire for well behaving prisoners
does not offer much options for sports.
The St. Nicholas Orthodox Maritime Cathedral next to the prison offered
a massive contrast to the latter.
At canon base number one we got basic details about the history of
the fortress.
In the underground tunnels beneath the fortress. Scary.
Freedom at last! The beach very welcoming
The ladies and the sea
We are high!
Want to go somewhere? Here's only nowhere.
Between cutting edge technology of late 19th and early 21st centuries
We need to get up from here!
Is this the end?
This is the end. The last shore.

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  1. You might like to find all the other soviet military sites in Latvia.


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