Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 6: Evil design, plenary, iWeek, Catalonia

Thursday, the 5th work day started with Carita Forsgren's presentation "Think evil! - Reverse design" Carita presented one alternative approach to user centred design, analysing all the things that can go wrong from the users point of view and then turning them to positives.
Carita's presentation

Carita Forsgren (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

During the presentation students got an idea generation task: to go outside to a church, square, anywhere, and make notes of all the horrible things that might happen there. Many disasters where reported by the teams - in the spirit appropriate for the Halloween eve.

Students and lecturers gathered for a plenary, which dealt with some practical things. As a result of voting the decision was made to start daily at 9:30 and skip the break between the afternoon session and dinner.
A short progress report was reported by each team. The teams are now seven as one team had progressed in two different directions. The split was made in full mutual understanding.

Voting by standing in different areas of the working space
Here's a summary of the projects made by Rosa Pons:
1/ HAP1: wearable software, to receive and store wearable info, no cable, no batts, you are the device. No implants, just a software that you can peal off.
2/ HAP2: a monopoly game. Touch screen on walls, streets, connect cultures through the art, playing games like chest that appears into different places. To improve art and the game.
3/ CONNECTING CULTURES 1: ideas to use art as an international language, to make an installation or create an object that uses the five senses to connect people.
4/ CONNECTING CULTURES 2: use feelings to connect cultures, use feelings as a language
5/ VIRTUWALL: an app that assesses what your body needs at that moment: energy, vitamins...
6/ KUPLA: a hologram interface where you can get to know about objects, getting information anywhere anytime only visible to you. They are dividing tasks.
7/ PRESERVING HERITAGE 1: our environment as heritage, media installation with a 3D projector to see all is there in an area that you couldn't see.

Team 2a reporting

In the afternoon Anna Trapenciere, who is also producer of the iWeek starting next Sunday, gave a presentation about the opportunities iWeek offers to MC2020 members. They are many, and the final presentation of the projects will happen as a iWeek event on Wednesday evening

The Catalan night
The Catalan night introduced information about Catalonia and Catalan culture, which was also experienced in practise in many ways. The evening was also most physical of the cultural evenings, involving the participants in exiting physical exercises.
The evening featured the Catalan quiz, eating the hanging apple, wheelbarrow game, pulling up onions and the muffin tongue twister.

Welcoming hosts

A pair from each team competed in eating apples covered with chocolate

A new lecturer - Graham Cooper (Uni Lincoln) arrived in the evening
and started his duty in the team of professors.

The last assignment of Martyn Thaye (Uni Lincoln) before his departure
was to represent the professor team in the competition of pronouncing
Catalan phrases with a muffin in mouth. 

Pulling up onions!

Wheel-barrow competition

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