Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 7: Flow-charts, scenarios, video shootings, Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet - Gezellig

Friday was the sixth working day. The demos will be shown next Wednesday, so MC2020 is now learning by doing.

Lenno Veerhoog opened the day with his presentation "How to prepare a flowchart about your concepts".
Then the teams worked on their flow-charts and/or user-case scenarios. At noon teams presented their flowcharts to the teachers to get fresh feedback.

Afternoon was practical team-work, many team members went out to create video footage for their demos.

Cultural Evening: DUTCH night - gezellig!
Friday saw the last of the five cultural evenings arranged by the partners. The difference of Holland(s) and the Netherlands was explained and the teams competed in knowledge about the Netherlands - and played many Dutch games of course.
Here's the video explaining Netherlands vs Holland
And Dutch delicacies like stroopwafel, pepernoten, speculaas koekjes, drops and cheese were tasted, of course.

Team Orange
Sinterklaas was so nice. Cai's dream came true: Sinterklaas invited him to sit
on his lap!
All teams had all those yummies on their tables, at the end there was also
a big table for everybody.
Eating bread hanging in the air as fast as possible blind is not a piece of cake
(as the English would say, wouldn't they)
Spiikerpoep is the name of this game. Put those nales in the bottle!
Hang in the pants - as long as you can!
Everybody had an opportunity to interview Zwarte Piet, the assistant
of Sinterklaas.
...and the winner of the games was this time: the TAMK Media team!

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