Monday, March 4, 2013

24 Hours In - Example of a collaborative, mixed media project

Recently, Richard Vickers and myself presented our participatory documentary project entitled ( <> ) to our final year Media Projection students.

In the spirit of collaborative working, especially with the partner institutions of MC2020, we would like to share the lecture here with you all as a PDF document with notes. The videos embedded in the presentation can be accessed via the link in the notes.

Project synopsis:

This research project explores new opportunities for participation, collaboration and the potential democratisation of documentary production. 

Utilising user-generated video captured on mobile phones and smart devices, the project is participatory whereby the audience contribute documentary videos, around the theme of 24 hours in a city or location. 

With reference to Dziga Vertov’s seminal 1929 documentary film ‘Man with a Movie Camera’, the aim is for the videos to document the cities, the people that live there and their daily lives. The aim of the project is to have an open and collaborative platform that anyone can contribute to. 

Building on Vertovian concepts, the project explores the potential that the ubiquitous camera phone may offer to revisit Vertov’s aspirations for the democratisation not just of technology but also of creativity.

Presentation PDF 

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