Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The first online lecture by Lenno Verhoog

The 50 participants of the Media Culture 2020 project work on three layers during the six week online pre-workshop activities; there are the five teams of each participating university that work locally and the five mixed online teams with participants from all five universities. The third layer is online courses and demonstrations for all MC2020 community members who can fit them in their schedule.
Lenno's shared screen on top, below it from left to right: TAMK, Lenno's
screen, the class in Vic and the class at Utrecht School of Arts.

The streamed online lectures are recorded and stored on the MC2020 Vimeo channel for everybody to see when they have time.

The first lecture was screened today. Lenno Verhoog from Utrecht School of Arts gave a presentation on Visual Design to orientate the students for their first team assignment: designing a logo for the project.
The class at TAMK

There will also courses run on blogs and wiki-documents.

All participants were happy with the first show; both the quality of the presentation and the technical quality of the screening.

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