Sunday, May 19, 2013

MC2020 video released!

The five minute video documenting MC2020 Tampere two week workshop has now been released.
The film is produced by the HKU student team Oavsett (Hugo de Kok, Kay van Vree & Edwin Haverkamp) The logo is designed by Yonatan Wolowelsky (

The video also reveals the sources of inspiration, like swimming in the
hole in the ice.

The video is best described by the participants on the Facebook coffee room wall of the project:
This is fantastic, well done guys. Seriously good 
I like so much!!! INCREDIBLE. I get excited 
This is amazing guys !!!
Awesome work boys. This makes me miss Finland. 
Well done guys, really well put together.
Simply brilliant!
wow! really good work! amazing video!
Wow. motion graphics are really (really) good.
fantastic work well done
I can feel the whole 2 weeks in 5 minutes. Thank you so much for great work 
Well done! So great video! Thanks for that :)

The film team Kay van Vree, Edwin Haverkamp, Hugo de Kok

See the film here:

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