Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Team 5 Concept - Kupla: Get To Know What You See!

Kupla, is an app built on the base of a strong knowledge database. The database has taken the idea of Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias, and developed their open source approach to gathering knowledge, to create the possibilities you experience with Kupla. New technology and mobile devices converge to allow you to touch the elements you see in film, music videos and television. If you want to know about a certain landscape, what a certain actor or musician is wearing, or how the technology you’re viewing works, all you have to do is tap on the area of interest, and the app will present you with the information surrounding the selected interest. The movie will pause, you can access the information within the app display and when you're done the movie will start again. There is also the possibility of adding your own content to the database if, for example, you're a filmmaker or a lecturer. Although the initial idea is to create an app for this information, eventually using converging technology we would like to have Kupla integrated into interactive TVs and into augmented technologies. We like to think that Kupla is future proof and will adapt with future technologies and lifestyles.

"Kupla is for everyone, for those always wanting to know more."

Key Platforms

While working on their concepts, each team was asked to choose two of a number of platforms on which the product would be focused. Here's how we thought Kupla would work best:
  • Game/Interactive
  • Online Community (next level social media)
We felt these two platforms tied into our initial theme of "Shared Knowledge," which we've channeled through the database which stores all the information behind Kupla.

Key Features
  • Interactive database via an app for mobile devices as well as being augmented into interactive TV.
  • It provides shared information on films etc. from within the movie, meaning you don’t have to go away from the film, and look up the information. Information is built into the movie interface.
  • New touch screen elements i.e. SmartTVs, meaning users can click on any area within the movie to find information i.e. landscapes, products, how to build a particular item of furniture etc.
  • Open source- shared knowledge, films that are older may not already have the information available however someone with a particular interest and knowledge of a film can add information to older films via the open source database.
  • Introduces the idea of gamification- you can learn how to do things such as karate moves, play a song on guitar, or learn how to perform CPR.
  • Easily integrated with VOD and cloud-based films.
Business Model

The revenues model we think that could be more profitable is one that the users don’t have to pay. It’s important because we need our product to become popular, for at least two reasons: Firstly because in a way our product uses a wiki style model to grow, to expand the database, so it only can be possible if there’s a lot of users. The second reason is that when you have one popular product, every company becomes interested in it, so the money will soon be available.

We need the product to be attractive for companies and to become a profitable company without damaging the users’ experience. So we should study how the different income strategies affect their app experience.

The Demo

We hope you're as excited about Kupla as we are, in fact we were so excited about this concept that we created a digital realisation of what it might look like. This is our vision for Kupla and you can check it out below. Why not try clicking on the motorbikes? Or Tom Cruises's Jacket? Remember, you'll get to know what you see if you use Kupla.

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