Friday, June 14, 2013

Evaluation of MC2020 by Alejandra Aramayo and Rosa Pons

The experience has been very enriching due to the diversity background of students and the challenging goals we had.

As professors we consider it was a major opportunity to start a new way of teaching-learning process in a European context. The collaborative work between coordinators, lecturers and managers has proved it is possible to work in a big inter-university team.

We had a good reaction at our University in both students and professors concern about a different way to conceive the new University we wish to have: more opened, able to respond to the constantly society's demands, capable to make linkages and networks allowing the flow of knowledge and innovations.

From UVIC's perspective we have to say that the impact of Media Culture 2020 has been strongly positive, promoting a self-criticism debate about the need to change and to look for new imaginative ways to work.

The students referred to MC 2020 as: "it was the best experience ever as students", or "it was a life experience!". Their feedback generated a "me too" desire atmosphere to participate. The high-level of collaborative work achieved is unique. The results were amazing, even the short time to develop concepts.

On one hand, the result of the students work during the process is a series of very good concepts to be developed next year; and on the other, students have made good documentaries, academic works, reports and Final Thesis out of the contents of MC2020.

The heterogeneous base of knowledge and culture of the students gave them an opportunity to learn fast and quick, to debate and improve ideas day by day, and to be more creative due to the different approaches. The only two students from the business field were amazed by the successful educational methodology.

To work with people from different countries gives to the project an added value because cross-country teams with cultural differences and backgrounds has increased the project attractiveness due to the different perspectives that can appear.

For the next edition in Liepaja we wish we are able to overpass expectations and have even greater results in all aspects!


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