Thursday, June 27, 2013

Team 1 - Haptic Technology & Applications

Imagine a world where digital information can be shared between people just by touch or where a person becomes a storage device for gigabytes of digital data.

These were the 2 technology areas our team focused on.

Sound far-fetched? Well, as you'll find out in our presentation, technology giant Ericsson are already working on it!


With the technology plausible our next task was to work out 2 applications of Haptic Technology that would fit into our assigned research area of: Online Communities, Offline Impact.

Considering our technology base was heavily person and real-world centric, it was just a matter of connecting offline (real world) actions with an online community.

The presentation (link at the foot of this post) demonstrates our approach but here is a very quick summary of the 2 concepts.

Concept 1: Happ - Retrieval of Data stored within a Product

Just by touching a product, data can be sent through you into your smart device for additional information which could be: extra description, educational, marketing/campaign-based or productive.

Concept 2: Haptic Life - Play Games Online by Interacting in the Real World

Online games or any genre could be created that respond to your actions in the real world. Touch a range of products or people to unlock items, battle opponents, explore collaboratively.


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Jack, Tom, Yonatan, Zindzi, Aisha & Valts

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