Friday, June 7, 2013

Team 3: Non-narrativity is the new storytelling

“A virtual wall, where everyone can add writing, pictures, videos, art and other content in public space.”
People have always had the need to leave something behind of themselves.
With our concept we want to make public space truly public for the people.

Virtuwall™ - The Features

  • A layer of virtual reality added on top of real things.
  • Uses the internet and cloud based services to keep track of added and deleted content and their locations.
  • Virtual wall and it’s content is only visible when using a compatible device and with a special application or command. Otherwise they are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Other users can see, browse and search the content left on the wall. Filters can be added.

Concept 1 –Virtuwall™ Home
Use Case 1

  • Jennifer is a freelance journalist who works from home and has three children.
  • She uses the Virtuwall to see her schedule for the day.
  • She uses it to access reference material for her article. 
  • It is used to access recipes whilst cooking.
  • She can talk to her children about their homework across the Virtuwall.
  • The children can send images and drawings across it.
  • Jennifer reads a book to the children across the Virtuwall. 

Concept 2 - Virtuwall™ Environment
Use Case 2 

  • City of Tampere uses the Virtuwall technology to decorate the city and to make it appealing to residents and visitors.
  • Virtuwall technology is cheap, easy and efficient way of decorating the city.
  • Makes it possible for the city to change their look as often as they wish.
  • Creates jobs for all kinds of artists.
  • Enforces the city’s image as a modern and up-to-date place to visit and live in.

Concept 3- Virtuwall™ Business
Use Case 3

  • Tim, a young, active moviegoer
  • Using the Virtuwall-technology share and access information
  • Tim can see that there are posters of currently showing and upcoming movies on the Virtuwall. 
  • Below them there is a feed of user comments and ratings. 
  • Tim posts a review on the nearest Virtuwall” and the review immediately appears on the feed under the poster of Avengers 4. 
  • He see’s a film poster and tells his device to download the schedule and adds a reminder to his calendar about the movie.

Virtuwall™ - Technology
Where are we now?


  • An EyeTap is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as a camera to record the scene available to the eye as well as a display to superimpose a computer-generated imagery on the original scene available to the eye. 
  • In essence, similar to Glass, but functions as a visual overlay, instead of providing a small Heads-up display (HUD) in the corner. 

Contact lenses

  • Contact lenses that display AR imaging are in development. These bionic contact lenses might contain the elements for display embedded into the lens including integrated circuitry, LEDs and an antenna for wireless communication.

Advancements Needed

  • Getting rid of visual markers.
  • A more precise positioning system for storing the location data.
  • Hardware advancements.

Virtuwall™ - Business Plan
Product definition in customer centric view

  • Virtuwall enables the consumer to interact with all kinds of space without damaging it.
  • Virtuwall provides the consumer freedom to express him/herself in public space.
  • Virtuwall makes public space a better place for citizen aesthetically and functionally. 
Virtuwall™ - Marketing Analysis:

Virtuwall™ - Business Model:

Virtuwall™ - Benefits

  • Makes the public space truly public.Reduces the amount of actual graffiti, tags and posters on real walls.
  • Creates a whole new platform of human communication.
  • Teaches about cultures.
  • Stores history in a new way - tied to a location.
  • Gives a new platform for art and installations.
  • It could be helpful as students can interact in the class with their teachers.

Virtuwall™ - Target Groups

  • Our initial target audience is young University students because these people interact every day with technology. 
  • They also could be interested in the Virtuwall as a way to share their ideas, paintings or anything in a virtual environment.
  • As the Virtuwall expands the target audience will change to suit the location and situation it is going to be used in.

Virtuwall™ - Challenges

  • Some people will be scared of the new AR-technology.
  • There will be discussion about "virtual littering".
  • All of the technology needed for making this does not yet exist.
  • A highly sophisticated system for locating virtual objects and content as current GPS technology is not good enough. 
  • The ownership of virtual space.

Team members:
Left to right: Teun Buursema, Eltons Kuns, James Booth, Judith Espert Martí, Veera Rouvinen, Bokyung Kim, Gemma Pass.

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