Sunday, April 21, 2013

British Night: Welcome to 'The Red Lion' Pub Quiz…

British evening took the form of pub food, a quiz, and of course... alcoholic beverages!

British-Latvian cooperation fighting the evil forces of TAMK display technology...
Quizzes are usually team-based and this evening was no different with the students placed into their country groups to compete for a special prize to take back to their institution. More on this later.

Before the quiz commenced however, the food arrived which consisted of British favourites including fish & chips, cucumber sandwiches, jam sandwiches, jam roll, cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks… all your party favourites in one place!

A wide selection of British party grub...
A rush for the food...
While we were enjoying our British fare, Ben Atkinson entertained and enlightened the crowd with a concise history of Britain. Good job.
Then the big moment… the Quiz! The preparation was meticulous including specially designed answer sheets and a multimedia presentation. The questions were appropriate with a nicely designed increasing level of difficulty categorised into rounds including: sport, celebrity pictures, general knowledge. There were even special bonus rounds of "what's in the drink" - a 'guess the ingredients' round of some of Britain's best loved cocktails.

Sara "models" the specially prepared answer sheets
Multimedia being used for what it was intended... eventually
Bring on the drinks... the British team distribute the 'cocktails' for the bonus round
All teams perfumed valiantly… with the exception of Lenno (and the rest of the non-British lecturers) who somehow managed to confuse Simon Cowell (incidentally; the most recognised face in the world) with the Sex Pistols! However, there can be only one winner and it was Dutch Team 1 (we had to split them because there was loads of them).

Jack Darnell hands the winning team their gorgeous Union Jack dog which they have to love & treasure
Well done to the Dutch who will hopefully give their prize a good home and keep us all posted on his adventures in Holland… err I mean the Netherlands! 

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