Monday, April 29, 2013

Day ten: team presentations and certificates

The tenth and last subject based day witnessed the five team presentations, a feedback session and the handing out of the certificates to the students.

The team presentations will be soon published on this blog. Each team has created two (or so) concepts representing European media culture in year 2020. The student teams of the next workshop in Liepaja next autumn will choose concept they will make a demo of.

Two external specialists gave their insightful input in the presentation sessions, Raivo Kelomees, Head of Department, Estonian Academy of  Arts and Yuwei Lin, Programme Leader in Computer & Video Games, University of Salford.

The pictures of this post by Artūrs Kalvāns
Team 5 theme/topic was "The power (and challenges) of shared knowledge"
Team 1, Offline/online used means of drama to
illustrate their concept
Team 2 worked on the theme/topic Hyperreal - hyperfake
"Connecting cultures" was the challenge for team 4
The concept of team 3 materialised the statement Non-narrativity is the
new 'storytelling'

Some teams made also a marketing analysis of their concept
Team Spain awarded with certificates
And finally: a group photo

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