Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day Six: Field trips to Mediapolis and Himmelblau

Working day six started with team work, but soon it was time for the first field trip to YLE TV2 studios in Tohloppi, a 15 minutes bus ride from central square Keskustori.
Minna Tiihonen

We got first coffee and chocolate in the auditorium, where YLE Head of Mediapolis Minna Tiihonen told about the new strategies of YLE, the Finnish national broadcasting company. Openness and cooperation are two of the keywords, and Mediapolis is a demonstration of those.

Mediapolis is next year starting around the TV2 studios, TAMK School of Art and Media will move there and so will many media companies. Mediapolis will be the new media centre of Finland, where content meets technology and students the professionals.
The wonders of the virtual studio. Jaakko Valaskivi in the background

Head of Mediapolis constuction Jaakko Valaskivi then told us about the cutting edge audiovisual technology YLE had invested in, and during the walk trough of the studios and edits we saw everything with our own eyes.

About Mediapolis

After a short and late lunch break we visited Himmelblau Printmaking Studio, Finland’s leading professional printmaking workroom. Our host was Janne Laine, one of the first ever graduates of Tampere School of Art and Media in 1994.

This is the process of printmaking. Janne Laine in the foreground

Janne Laine showed the process of printmaking in the workshop, then we went to Himmelblau Gallery, displaying the exhibition by Janne Laine, "The other side".
Himmelblau home

Spanish nightIn the evening the Vic University delegation produced and hosted a Spanish - or should I rather say a Catalan - night. It was awesome, and the Latvian champions of course again won the competition.

Learning Macarena!

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