Monday, April 15, 2013

MC2020 arrival day!

Right now most of the MC2020 participants are on their way to Tampere, and the first joint dinner will be tonight.
The workshop will start tomorrow morning in Seelanti, TAMK art and media premises at Finlayson.
Lenno Verhoog and Chris Hales arrived last night and met at Plevna, Finlayson
where the electric light was installed first time in Nordic Countries and fourth
time in Europe
The Spanish delegation pictured at their airport this morning.
The British have landed!

The almost 50 students and the lecturers have worked on-line in five teams for six weeks already participating in classes and working with assignments.

Àngels Pinyana (left) and Rosa Pons from University of Vic in the last
interactive on-line lecture broadcasted on Google Hangout.
The last on-line lecture was given by Àngels Pinyana about Hofstede's five cultural dimensions.

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