Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First working day

Today the long wait was over: MC2020 workshop started this morning and all international students and lecturers found their way to Ada, the learning space of TAMK Art&Media at Finlayson.
Rosa Pons (centre)led the first workshop about Hofstede's six
cultural dimensions

The students illustrated different cultural phenoma. Here
the performance of Dutch students

and here British students demonstrate their national habits
Everybody participated in the selection of the winner of the
MC2020 logo competition. Pictured team 2, the winners.
James Fields (right) gave the prices.

MC2020 logo!

And finally in the afternoon the pre-workshop on-line teams met in the real world
Get-together and the Finnish evening. Participants watch and listen
carefully to Veera Rouvinen's introduction to Finland and sauna culture
Finnish mämmi, tippaleipä, salmiakki, lakritsi and suklaa was served.

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