Thursday, April 18, 2013

Second day - new teams for concept development

Student teams will create concepts representing 2020 media culture during the workshop in five teams. Each team has an approach to the two concepts they develop, the approaches are: Online communities, offline impact; Hyperreal - hyperfake; Nonnarrativity is the new 'storytelling'; Connecting cultures; The power (and challenges) of shared knowledge.

The five concept teams gatheres first time in the concept creation workshop
  The concepts will be designed for some of the following platforms/channels or a combination of them (or a future channel/platform not yet established):  Mobile/Service (most business minded and practical); Ubiquituous/Immersive (Solutions everywhere and around us. Can be artistic or practical); Moving image/Narrative/; Game/Interactive; Media Art; Transmedia (multiplatform narrative); Online community (next level social media).

Kirsi Karimäki (TAMK) gave and moderated the concept workshop:
She will run the second part of the workshop on Monday
Most likely there are other platforms channels in 2020ies and some present might have lost their importanse. Some visionaries predict email will join fax in the museum of communication and there will be no television like the present: Programmes broadcasted at a certain time. Also new ways of interacting with media are emerging like the Google Glasses

The pre-workshop on-line teams had their last meetings to finalise their
assignments. They also presented their research results at the workshop
plenary. We will publish soon a post presenting the documents.

Chris Hales (Smart Lab Dublin/MPlab Liepaja) introduced interactive
movies and also (picture) the use of mindwaves of your brain
to interact with media.

Interactive film can be amusing

The Latvian students preparing the Latvian night of the workshop

At the end of the day Latvia and Latvian culture was introduced in three
brilliant presesntaions. The highlight after the presentations was Latvian
sandwiches and desserts. Thanks a lot!
That was Wednesday of Media Culture 2020 workshop

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